So, you’ve got this outfit or that special event and you need the perfect hat, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Time and time again our customers come to us for their custom Kentucky Derby hat needs. From equestrian events to weddings, from church-related functions to social gatherings, we can make just the hat that will help your experience to be all the more memorable. Jena’s artistic flare is often sought out by those wanting to make an unforgettable fashion statement. When Bethenny Frankel was considering doing a Kentucky Derby show, her staff contacted Jena to design her derby hat. She designed several hats for the TV show "Empire" by 20th Century Fox. Taraji P. Henson can be seen wearing one of Jena's creations in the funeral scene as 'Cookie Lyon' 3rd episode of the first season of the TV show Empire. Her hats have been featured on the Kentucky website, The Huffington Post,, NBC national news and in the US Airways fashion magazine April 2014 edition. Contact us today and she, with her design team, will put their creativity to work for you. Then, vois la ’, a stunning work of beauty and elegance will be yours.

For more information, call  1-855-HAT-LADY (428-5239) or email 

*Custom hats start at $200 and a $50 deposit is required. The balance is due after photos of finished hat are provided. The $50 deposit is not refundable.