"Thank you for the very kind and compassionate way you handled my order. I ordered my aunt a hat and wanted to make sure she received it by Mother’s Day – You had it delivered to her in 2 days!

She was overjoyed and the hat was stunning… She went on to say, mouths dropped when she walked into Church. All eyes were on her hat!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart….."

– Beverly from St. Louis MO

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Jena’s artistic flare is often sought out by those wanting to make an unforgettable fashion statement.

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Kentucky Derby & Church Hats

A fashion statement with an exclamation point! That's what an elegant hat does for a lady's attire. Whether you're attending a wedding, a Sunday church service or the premier hat event on the American calendar - the Kentucky Derby - your hat can be the accessory that makes you the topic of conversation.

Why settle for just attending an event when you can turn heads and make people talk. We're hat specialists and we can help you go from fashionable to fashionista.

Our hats have been featured on NBC and www.kentuckyderby.com. They have been written about in publications and won awards. We look forward to being your source for fashion hats. We are a favorite among many when it comes to that perfect Kentucky Derby hat.

A Brief History of the Kentucky Derby

When Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. founded the Kentucky Derby, the racetrack was known as a venue for hedonism and vice. Inspired by his visits to London's Epsom Derby and Paris' Grand Prix, Clark envisioned an equestrian park filled with wealthy, upper crust patrons.

To help make the transformation a reality, he sought the advice and assistance of his wife. The two of them launched a publicity campaign throughout Louisville, Kentucky to convince the socialites that it was a new day for the racetrack, a day for elite class entrainment.

Mobilized by the Clarks, a group of noted, high-society women knocked on their friends' doors. "We are having a picnic at the racetrack," they invited. When the first Kentucky Derby day arrived on a sunny, spring Monday in 1875, more than 10,000 curious spectators turned out. The New York Times reported that "the grandstand was thronged by a brilliant assemblage of ladies and gentlemen." A stark contrast to the racetrack's former days. The picnic invitation had been a tremendous success and the Kentucky Derby quickly came to be a place to see and to be seen.

Women took the opportunity to put on the ritz. They coordinated their dresses, bags, hats, and parasols with a statement-making hat. To insure their dress attires were accented to the optimum, they ordered their hats from milliners in advance. During the 1960's the trendy gave way to the opulent and the extravagant as ladies began seeking to catch the attention of the television camera.

Today, hats from the elegant to the eccentric adorn the heads of Derby attendees. All rules are off the table. It is, however, considered to be a fashion faux pas for a lady to attend the Derby and not wear a hat.

Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.